Mission and Vision


Our Vision

     To be a leading institution in the field directing the generation and implementation of national education policies.


Our Mission

    Raising teachers, managers, and experts who can be pioneers of the knowledge society, following international studies in the area, inquisitive, generating knowledge, possessing deep knowledge on the area, taking place in the studies that orient the society, aware of the technology and use it, relating the theory and practice, teaching how to learn and guide in learning, forming student centered learning environments, having self confidence, socially advanced, building effective relationships, and preferential.

    Serving the students with effective knowledge transfer methods and educational technologies,  relating the theory and practice, studying in national and international projects, possessing scientific and ethical values, having institutional culture, generating knowledge, making research, having powerful communication with the student, making self questioning via the evaluation system, staff selected by objective criteria, and constantly developing curricula according to the country’s needs.

    Providing students environments that foster creative thinking, problem solving, taking responsibility, making teamwork, developing students’ socio cultural sides, which are democratic, teaching to learn, enhanced with educational technology, modern, open to change, enhanced with practice schools, with proper physical conditions considering students’ needs.

    Being an institution in which faculty staff is encouraged for conducting national and international research, having powerful interrelation in the school, and getting vocational development, where high-level physical, social, and cultural exists.