Curriculum and Instruction



Curriculum and Instruction Department is one of the indispensable departments of the department of educational sciences. Educators and teachers with lack of knowledge and skills to develop a program can never be a teacher in any discipline, no matter how vast or unlimited knowledge they have. Determination of what to teach, why to teach, how to teach and how to learn according to scientific criteria is the scientific study of the department of Curriculum and Instruction.


Curriculum and Instruction Department includes no undergraduate program but M.A. and PhD.  The students of all departments and teaching programs in the faculty of education are naturally the students of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to the basic courses given by the lecturers in the department, in accordance with the needs, elective or compulsory courses such as a philosophy of education, special teaching methods, individual teaching methods and teaching practice are offered by the department.  Non-thesis, thesis master’s degree and PhD program offer  courses such as curriculum development, instructional design, comparative education, educational philosophy, learning theories, development of measurement tools, instructional technologies and material design, individual teaching, thinking and problem solving process, scientific research methods, values education, advanced statistics and SPSS applications, teaching and learning new approaches for educators or teachers in different disciplines. It is strongly believed that, the faculty fulfills an important mission in the development and formation of qualified, successful teachers equipped with 21st century skills.





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  Name e-mail Phone Room
Prof. Mehmet Gürol 0212- 383 48 18 B 314
Prof. Yavuz Erişen 0212- 383 48 18 B 313
Prof. Vefa Taşdelen 0212- 383 48 80 B 308

Prof. Nadir Çeliköz    
0212- 383 48 18  
B 320
Prof. Mustafa Gündüz 0212- 383 48 07 B 321
Asoc. Prof. Sertel Altun 0212- 383 48 28 B 322
Asoc. Prof. Banu Toy 0212- 383 55 76 B 323
Asoc. Prof. Bülent Alcı 0212- 383 48 21 B 319
Ast. Prof. Davut Hotaman 0212- 383 48 27 B 317
Ast. Prof. Mine Çeliköz 0212- 383 48 79 B 315
Ast. Prof. Bünyamin Bavlı 0212- 383 55 85 B 316
Res. Ast. Büşra Tombak İlhan 0212-383-48-22 B 301