Psychological Counseling and Guidance



Division of Psychological Counseling and Guidance began to provide training in 2011-2012 academic year. In the Department of Educational Sciences, Psychological Counseling and Guidance is the only division that provides undergradute education. The language of the education is Turkish.


Division of Psychological Counseling and Guidance offers four different programs which are; Undergraduate Program, Master's with Thesis, Doctorate of Philosophy and Master's without Thesis.


The aim of the undergraduate program is to train future psychological counselors of the country. In the first two years, students get theoretical courses from various fields like psychology, sociology, and educational sciences. The third and fourth years cover special courses on the area like Principles and Techniques of Psychological Counseling, Vocational Guidance Theories and Applications, Individual and Group Counseling Practices, and Psychological Counseling Theories. In order to get a Bachelor's Degree in PCG, students should attend community services, run counseling sessions under the supervision, and take part in school counseling services as an intern for one semester.



For the details of the program, please use the  Bologna link:






  Name e-mail Phone Room
Prof. M. Engin Deniz 0212- 383 48 41 C 303
Prof. Fulya Yüksel Şahin 0212- 383 48 36 C 307
Prof. Ali Eryılmaz 0212- 383 55 77 C 309
Assoc. Prof. Nermin Çiftçi Arıdağ 0212- 383 48 26 C 310
Assoc. Prof. Ş. Gonca Zeren 0212- 383 48 37 C 306
Res. Ast. Seher Merve Erus 0212- 383 48 37 C 305
Res. Ast.Gözde Şakar 0212- 383 55 83 C 308
Res. Ast.Ceren Bektaş 0212- 383 48 25 C 302